Helping Thom will in turn be helping kids!

We want the best and most qualified candidate to become our next Family Court Judge; that person is Thom Benedetto.  We, the Friends of  Thom Benedetto, seek your help in assuring Thom's election as Family Court Judge.  Thom has the right mix of common sense, experience, and compassion to make correct decisions for children's cases.  Thom will make a positive difference for kids and your donation will help make the  difference in this election.  Helping Thom will in turn be helping kids.

Why is Thom the best and most qualified?  his Experience!

Thom believes every child has the right to be healthy, happy, and safe.  He has seen a lot over the course of his thirty year legal career:  he knows what works and what doesn't.   He has 25 years experience in Family Court and serves as the Family Court Referee deciding cases just like a judge.  He's been doing so for almost ten years.   Thom has common sense, coupled with real experience, not only in the law, but in life. Thom has been an active community volunteer for the past three decades for many organizations, all for the betterment of our kids and families.  Thom is family oriented, raising five children with his wife, Patty, and .  They are blessed with four grandchildren also.  They know raising a family is tough and demanding, but they also know there is nothing more enlightening, joyous or rewarding.   As a father, grandfather and judicial official with decades of legal and life experience, Thom knows what needs to be done to help our kids. 

Vote Thom Benedetto for Family Court Judge!

We need to encourage kids to live their dreams. - Thom Benedetto

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You can help elect Thom Benedetto! 

Let's make sure we elect Thom Benedetto for Family Court Judge.  Supporting Thom's judicial campaign will be supporting better and healthier outcomes for children and their families. Every dollar, whether it's $5 or 500, will help accomplish our goal of electing Thom Benedetto.  Please become a supporter of Thom’s campaign for Oswego County Family Court Judge by making a donation today!

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